Our video Blog started as a way of keeping our friends and family up-to-speed with our hair-brained, reckless, yet blindly optimistic adventure to The Isle of Skye.
The episodes are in 'newest first' order. ENJOY!

EPISODE 29 - Sam goes to CANNA! (To tune a piano!)

Huge thanks and a big shout-out toMisty Isle Boat Trips for getting me over to Canna in such style! Check out the DOLPHINS! What an amazing commute to work!

EPISODE 28 - Jeeps, clarinets, the 'BUNKER' and Pigs!

We welcome two new family members: 'Dotty' and 'Mr. Trousers' our new Kune-Kune PIGGIES!!!

EPISODE 27 - Meet the NEW Jeep!

A new Jeep and a makeover for 'Robson'.

The One Show comes to Kylerhea!

The One Show made this wonderful sequence right on our doorstep. Wonderful footage of ‘Victor’ our resident Sea Eagle.


A Jeep Tour to the Isle of Raasay, a course at Orbost Farm learning all about Piggies and the Dashing White Sargent.... and yes, we DANCE! Gulp!

Episode 25 - Jeeps, Boats and Planes!

Sam paints the Jeep. Lynne treats me on my Birthday! Sam tries to play the harmonica... and we exhibit ourselves at the Portree Show!


Horrendous driving conditions, a spectacular tour at The Quiraing, an old house... and a secret mission!

Easter Jeep Run!

A fabulous Skye Jeep Tour to Elgol with the delightful Martin and Pam.


Boris gets a makeover, some Jeep Tour passengers get betrothed to each other, and Sam enjoys his birthday trip to the Isle of Rum

EPISODE 22 - Brymer The Jeep-Dog joins the team!

New Wedding Vows, new sign-writing, new concert venue, new engagement ring, but best of all: A NEW PUPPY!

EPISODE 21 - 0.005 seconds of international fame!

We got ourselves a CONVOY! Also: a special 'Bagpipe' tour, and a crew come to film us for a Visit Britain Ad!

EPISODE 20 - Check out that GROOVE!

Skye Jeep Tours get greasy under the hood, buy a new Jeep, and enjoy a boat trip on The Bella Jane and The Waverley.


February at Skye jeep Tours is a time for piano tuning, filming, marmalade making, saxophone teaching and.... spotting OTTERS!

Magical Sandaig

We live in 'Ring of Bright Water' country. Gavin Maxwell and Mij the Otter lived only a short ride in the Jeep away. Let us take you there.

EPISODE 18 - Film-making with Diego

A walk to the Kylerhea Wildlife / Otter hide and a video shoot at The Quiraing and a secret waterfall!

EPISODE 17 Tarskavaig and Sheena's Tea Hut

No midges, nice weather, happy gearbox and lots of lovely scenery all accompanied by lovely music courtesy of the Plockton Music School.

EPISODE 16 - The Best Brochs in Scotland (almost).

Skye jeep Tours take some lucky people on the Glenelg-Kylerhea ferry to see the famous ancient Scottish Brochs.

EPISODE 15 - Clemmy the Caravan 🙂

A look around 'Boris' - Skye's craziest self-catering accommodation unit on Skye. Also a look at Clemmy, the Cozy Caravan - a very cost-effective place to stay on Skye if you are on a tight budget.

EPISODE 14 - BORIS Arrives!

At last! Boris the luxury Military pod arrives in his new home. Skye's most bonkers self catering unit makes an epic journey... but will he arrive in one piece? Watch and find out!

EPISODE 13 - Snowy Kylerhea Pass.

Snow, Snow, More Snow! Making marmalade, a new Jeep and a dodgy dance routine. (Watch to the end)

Includes the wonderful track ‘Touch The Sky’ by Julie Fowlis

EPISODE 12 - Getting connected...

Weather Woes, Higher Speeds, saying goodbye to Lemmy and the arrival of four paws!

EPISODE 11 - On location....

A Greek temple, a star is born, "Och NO", a racoon and a digger.

EPISODE 10 - Automotive fun!

Jerry and family steal the scene, a Jeep romp on Raasay and a birthday mystery tour!

EPISODE 9 - Skye Jeep Tours FIRST tour EVER!

Stunning views, our first Jeep Tour, Solstice at the Callenish Standing Stones, a run up a hill and.... something a bit special!


A very slap-dash intro, a quintet, building a shed and the rarest Eurpoean mammal in our back garden.

Tarskavaig with Paige and Marvin

Skye Jeep Tours take the Cherokee, and two delightful Canadians, to another 'secret location. We love taking people to these out-of-the-way places which are stunningly beautiful and never crowded.

EPISODE 7 - The Journey of a Lifetime.

The Jeep revealed, a horrendous accident (nearly) and a trip of a lifetime.

Includes the wonderful track ‘Heartsong’ by Gordon Giltrap.

EPISODE 6 - Jobs on the Croft...

Marianne's back-to-the-metal makeover, the arrival of 'Clemmy' and Lynne in a hard hat!

Birthday Jeep Run!

Even on our days off, we STILL go out in the Jeep!

EPISODE 5 - Christmas Eve 2013

A storm, a tour of the croft and a Happy New Year. Guest appearance by Marlon Brando….. Unmissable dancing at the end!

EPISODE 4 - Moving In!

Driving down to Kylerhea in the Jeep for the very first time. Much merriment and silliness…


Sam and Lynne's Hebidean Adventure continues.... In this episode: DIY, tarful goodbyes and WE GET THE KEYS!

EPISODE 2 - Preparing to make the move...

Sam and Lynne's Hebridean Adventure continues.... A trade show, Frankie&Bennies and decorating the bath room...

EPISODE 1 - It all starts here...

Our friends wanted to be kept up-to-speed with our big adventure, so I thought I'd start a video blog. Six years later we have 30 episodes in the can and a whole load of other video 'shorts' which help show everyone the mischeif we get up to 🙂